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Are you willing to do the work?

  • Blueprint to Business provides realistic and actionable goals that will help you get things done 

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Learn what it really takes
to be a successful entrepreneur

  • Blueprint to Business provides a rare and candid look into the entrepreneur lifestyle.

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Crushing Crypto

How Anyone Can Build a Fortune in Cryptocurrency

NEW book by Michael Alden

Three-time Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Michael Alden presents the bitcoin beginner with an easy-to-understand guide to cryptocurrency and the blockchain in his latest book Crushing Crypto: How Anyone Can Build a Fortune in Cryptocurrency . If the bitcoin buzz has piqued your interest, you’re not alone. This revolution has sparked a global shift in how we think about money.

Being an entrepreneur, Michael realized the potential opportunity that comes with bitcoin and cryptocurrency and began to study this new technology. Crushing Crypto aims to provide you with a foundation to build your knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency provides an amazing new opportunity for anyone willing to participate. Michael Alden shares his experience with bitcoin and details how you can seize this opportunity.

  • Learn how to get bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free
  • Discover Michael’s tips to get bitcoin daily
  • Techniques for trading cryptocurrency for profit

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Crushing Crypto Book

Praise for Michael Alden’s bestselling book 

Blueprint to Business

Michael Alden shares actionable and effective strategies for self improvement.  His tips on changing your outlook and on accomplishing small tasks to push your life forward relentlessly are absolutely the key to creating a happy and successful life.”
“Michael Alden’s story is truly inspirational. He has seen some extremely difficult times and has overcome extraordinary odds along his journey. He has harnessed what he learned even as a young child to achieve great business success. The lessions in Blueprint to Business not only help those in business but it is for anyone who wants more out of life.
“As an entrepreneur and author myself, I would recommend Blueprint to Business to anyone who is in business or looking to start a company. Michael Alden’s no nonsense approach is much needed for anyone who wants the real truth about life as an entrepreneur. 
“As a young entrepreneur, I have found that truly successful people help and teach others. Michael Alden has taken the time to help me with my business and my book. His experience is undeniable and I would recommend Blueprint to Business to any entrepreneur who wants to learn from someone who has done great things and continues to.
“Being an entrepreneur has its challenges. Michael Alden shares his business experiences to help others succeed. His advice and enthusiasm is directed towards teaching and leading through example. If you are looking to succeed in business this book is a must read!