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Michael Alden | Ask More From Yourself

More from Yourself

  • What if you were 5% smarter?
  • Would your life be different?

Michael Alden | Ask More from Others

More from Your Business

  • What if you worked 5% More?
  • Would you accomplish more?

Michael Alden | Ask More from Life

More from Life

  • Can you do just a little bit more?
  • You will get huge results

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Essential reading for any would-be entrepreneur

Blueprint to Business is the ultimate guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Bestselling author and CEO Mike Alden puts aside the rainbows and sunshine, gets real about what it takes to ‘make it,’ and gives you the real-world guidance you need to hear. Through anecdotes and advice, he shares his experiences along with those of other top founders and entrepreneurs to give you a realistic picture of what it takes to build a business. It’s a bit of tough love, a healthy dose of reality, and a tremendously motivating guide to striking out on your own; from motivation and commitment to business licenses and the IRS, this guide is your personal handbook for the biggest adventure of your career.

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Praise for Michael Alden’s bestseller

5% More

Michael Alden shares actionable and effective strategies for self improvement.  His tips on changing your outlook and on accomplishing small tasks to push your life forward relentlessly are absolutely the key to creating a happy and successful life.”
“It’s been said that inch by inch anything’s a cinch and yard by yard anything’s hard. In Mike Alden’s life-changing book 5% More, he gives new meaning to those words. Mike lays out the simple, manageable and doable plan for anyone who wants to go from ordinary to extraordinary in their life, one little step at a time. My advice is simple, buy this book, follow its steps and begin living the life of your dreams.
“I believe that no task is beneath you no matter your position in life or within a company.  Michael Alden shows in 5% More how those small tasks, those small goals, compounded over time can have huge, long term results.  5% More shows how a high school student or a CEO can set small goals, compound on them and achieve extraordinary BIG results.
“As an avid fan of baseball, we all love the home runs and the grand slams.  But, what wins games is getting on base and singles.  In Michael Alden’s latest book 5% More, he shows how the small incremental successes are what yield huge results.  If you want to win a championship in life and business, hitting singles consistently will get you there and 5% More shows you how.
“Over the years at my SANG conferences I have had the good fortune of having people like Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Peter Guber, Jack Canfield, to Tony Hsieh of Zappos. What I have observed about super star achievers is they tend to do things that separate them from their competitors. Michael is the real deal, and truly lives his message. In Michael Alden’s new book 5% More, you now have the blue print to get more out of life and business by just doing 5% More