What Makes Me Different? Nothing!

Actually, that’s not one hundred percent accurate. What makes me different is the way I think.  The way I think is different than most. People say you’ve either got

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Misinformation Madness

All too often human beings presented with information, especially new information, immediately relay that information to others in an effort to increase their NET WORTH. The challenge is the

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Relationships and Blue Vase Ranking on Inc 5000

Last week I addressed my staff to announce that we had been ranked in Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.  I praised all of my

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Do You Have a Platform?

Over the years I have been pitched all sorts of “platforms” that are designed to help my company become more efficient, from managing my media spend to routing calls

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Better Than Good Customer Service

Ten years ago I discovered this very exciting and dynamic world of direct response marketing. While in law school I took a job as a customer care representative. Looking

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