Michael Alden Interviewed on 1150 AM KKNW



Michael Alden is interviewed by Pam and Rochelle on Chat with Women 1150 AM KKNW. Alden’s pragmatic approach to asking more and ultimately getting more has helped thousands. Alden

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Are You a Procrastinating Perfectionist?

I was recently in Los Angeles and had an interesting conversation with an accountant turned cab driver. I know your first thought is probably, what happened?  Why would a

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Negativity Cannot Be Your Reality


A few weeks ago I reached out to some people who I know and have met over the years and ASKED them if they would like the OPPORTUNITY to

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From the Projects to Picasso

As I sit on my balcony in beautiful Newport Beach California after practicing Transcendental Meditation, I almost have to pinch myself.  I am in one of the most beautiful

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Thank God I Was Born Poor

Being poor taught me many things – like how to adapt and survive, how to overcome adversity, how to be strong yet humble, and how to appreciate what I

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It’s Mind Over Matter; and your life ‘is’ the Matter!

Getting, and keeping yourself motivated to consistently improve in life; whether it’s in business, fitness, family, or all of life, is often a wrestling match that even the elite

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Seize the Day

I recently read Ryan Blair’s book, Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, and was taken aback by how similar our lives are just on opposite sides of the country.

It’s a great

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    Do What You Say You Are Going To Do (and don’t care what other people think)

Do What You Say You Are Going To Do (and don’t care what other people think)

I have found that there are too many people who just talk about doing things. They dream about one day becoming the person they want to be, but they

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The Ask More Get More Movement

The support for Ask More Get More has been overwhelming.  What started out as a small project to share my success with those around me has transformed into a movement.  People

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FML & TGIF?? Really?

I’m a fan of social media for two reasons: One, for staying in touch with “friends” and two for business purposes and marketing. Everything else that social media stands

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