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I would not say that I am a lucky guy. The success I have obtained was not handed to me; not by any means. What I do consider luck is the hand I was dealt. My childhood was made up of struggle after struggle and for this I am forever fortunate. Growing up I was constantly problem solving, adapting and strategizing just to get through everyday life. Then and now one thing still remains.

I always want more out of life.

The majority of society has no idea what they can accomplish and they,  YOU, have the tools and resources to better any part of your life. You can get more out of life, just as I have, simply by asking.  All you need is yourself.  I’m excited to show you how.

Ask More from Yourself
Ask More from Others
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I learned at an early age that I needed to make my own opportunities. I put myself through Springfield College where I graduated with a degree in Political Science. Education provides many opportunities, but you have to ask for them.

I wanted more from life, so I went on to Suffolk Law School where I spent three out of my four years on the Dean’s list.  Working full time and putting myself through Law School at night was no easy task, but to get more out of life you have to work hard.

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Michael Alden

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